Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Sanguine & Winding Road

As the journey continues, I look forward. I think back. I’m the traveler on the road, seeing my destination before me, thinking about how far I’ve come. Thinking about how this journey is me; the road is me: I am gradually finding my way. When I think about food, I realize food is my friend on this journey, not an enemy to take blame, or a weakness to avoid. Food comforts, nourishes, soothes, satisfies. I love food, absolutely adore it. I love to cook and eat and entertain.
Yet as I reach this phase of my life – this juncture in the journey – I realize I am willing to love my food in a way so that my food can love me back. I realize I am willing to lower my caloric intake, eat a higher quality of food and exercise consistently in order to achieve the balance my soul is craving.
Now that I have come out of denial and owned up to all the weight I’ve gained, I can’t blame it on food or the aging process, as much as I acknowledge that the added weight represents an imbalance – an emotional imbalance - an intellectual disconnect.
So as I travel along this journey, I’m checking the compass, making sure I’m pointed in the right direction. The focus is on finding my center, reaching an effortless state of equilibrium. Interestingly, this trip is actually a journey of the mind. The road stretching out before me is a journey toward more love, complete acceptance. And that place is ultimately deep down inside. This journey is moving me along the path, taking me toward a place where I make better choices in my mind about how I want to live my life. As the journey continues, I remain ever so thankful, triumphant and confident I will reach the desired destination very soon, and that point of destination is a state of perfectly balanced health and fulfillment. Yes, as the journey continues I remain optimistic and happy this road I’m on keeps me spiraling upward on a path of perpetual gratitude. Asante Sana. Peace and Blessings Always.

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