Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vernal Equinox 2012 – Running and Writing

Hello Friends,
How are you? It’s been way too long but finally I am back. I promise to do better with keeping you posted going forward. Happy Spring! The cherry blossoms are in bloom! I just love this glorious time of year. Everything in nature is new and burgeoning. To celebrate, (and to make up for never getting around to writing 2012 New Year’s Resolutions) I have embarked on a project of re-commitment, renewal and reinvention. A barely perceptible, low-grade lull I had been experiencing has miraculously lifted. I feel revived, invigorated. I am emerging from my cocoon, slowing coming out, opening up, becoming the real me, envisioning self-actualization, meditating on my true essence: the Lady Dove Redux, the Pheralyn Divine.

Encouraging evidence abounds as my angels float around, whispering in my ear, sitting on my shoulder, guiding my thoughts and actions. Early mornings find me on the jogging trail, training for September’s half-marathon and November’s full marathon. Oh how good it feels to be running, running, running! Evenings and late nights I am consumed with writing and chipping away at various creative projects. Throughout the week, I give myself over to personal, professional, and volunteer ventures I am so humbled to be associated with. This semester marks my 15th year as a writing instructor in Temple University’s Pan African Studies Community Education Program. What an honor! I am so thankful, so grateful, truly in awe of the confidence the Creator has placed in me to pursue my dreams and accomplish goals on this earth plane.

Recently I went to an exhilarating performance by the dynamic vocalist, Simone, the only child of Nina Simone. She did not disappoint. I’ll be writing more about that amazing experience in the days ahead. Next weekend I’m going to see the fabulous Angelique Kidjo. So I’m looking forward to writing about that as well. Here in Philadelphia, an inspirational Peace Mural Project featuring Haiku poetry is underway. Sister Sonia Sanchez, the prolific poet, professor and activist is very much involved. I will keep you updated about the Peace Mural Project, as well as Sister Sonia’s upcoming reading at the main branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia on Wednesday, April 18th at 7:30 p.m.

I trust this first day of Spring finds everyone in a positive, peaceful, productive mode. Stay encouraged! Be energized! Embrace the spirit of gratitude! Asante Sana. Peace & Blessings Always.

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